Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Better Day!

Happy 2009 One and All!!! Well, I got my wish for last night - sleep! I was asleep by 10, woke up briefly around 2:30, made hubby a cup of hot chocolate, which woke up Bailey, so I ended up taking her to bed with me, and we all slept until about 8:30!!! And waking up was the best moment of the day up until about 2 hours ago!

As usual, I put on my slippers and robe, turned on the desktop (main) pc, went to the kitchen, grabbed a glass of OJ, came back into the office/studio, and clicked to open up an internet browser. My monitor started, made a very pitiful pop, and went black! Oh *#%&@!!! So, I tried disconnecting and reconnecting everything - no change! I put on some clothes, got hubby to help me get up into the attic and pulled down the pitiful OLD monster monitor from the old desktop and tried it. It wouldn't work, either! I felt certain it was the monitor because I turned off the unit and it came back on and made all the right noises and lights blinking.

So, I decided to take a break, go get the laptop and bring it in here and check all the e-mails and blogs, and we would go to Best Buys (new in our town, and so cool to have one so close - about 8-9 miles). Turned on the laptop, it does it's thing, and I get a message - can't perform that operation because we found a virus! Once again . . . . . OH *$%)&#%!!!!! So, I decided to buy a new anti-virus/spamware program I'd heard about, was able to get online, download and run it.

When we left to go to Best Buys the virus software was at@ 42% finished. We ran to BB, found a new monitor on sale, then to the new Sears appliance store in town. We are buying a new freezer - another story for another day. So we got home, I checked the laptop and it said they found zero (0, zilch, zippo, nada) viruses! So what was up with that, huh?

But Praise the Lord, no viruses! I decided I might as well go ahead and download the latest IE version that I'd been putting off, got that started, got the new monitor out of the box, hooked her up, and . . . . . . . voila >>>>>>

Now tell me, isn't that a thing of beauty!!! And going from the worst case scenario of losing both computers in one day, to not losing ANY computers and only needing a monitor, well, I think that makes it a pretty good day after all! And no, we couldn't afford to buy a new almost $200 monitor, but you know what? It's okay!

I had planned on just sharing my signature scripture with you today, and telling you that, while I have several goals for this year, once again my primary goal is to remember to LIVE that verse. Sadly, I must tell you that I didn't do too good a job of that this morning. Between the problems with both computers, tripping over Bessie, dropping everything I touched, and still not that perky after not sleeping 2 of the last 3 nights, I was in a pretty foul mood! And I even jumped on my sweet hubby when he was trying to make it better. But he didn't say a word. I apologized, by the way.

I'm still going to leave you with my signature scripture, and tell you that I will continue to try to live these verses, and I'll continue to be forgiven when I fail, because my Father in heaven loves me without fail, and He knows my heart.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Rejoice evermore, Pray without ceasing, In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

1 Thessalonians 5:16

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Judy said...

Glad you got that virus taken care of!

I have a CA security center, have no idea what it does, but I know it keeps my new computer from getting sick!

Happy New Year! I love it because it means new beginnings :)