Monday, February 28, 2011

Strange Blogging Mystery!

Do you have Feedjit?  It's a 'widget' that you put on your blog to keep track of traffic, and where people are visiting from.  You can find mine way over in the far righthand column.  It amazes me!  To think that my little blogs have been visited by people from - literally - all over the world!  Thailand, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, India, England, Scotland, The Netherlands, and on and on!  It's so much fun to check in from time to time and see these faraway places on my Feedjit!

But, there is one oddity!  Every day, at least once but frequently multiple times, I have a visitor(s) from the same place, looking at the same post!  The visitor is from Toronto, Ontario, and they always come in on my post Fabulous Fay's Fabulous Cream Cheese Pound Cake!  In the last 40 hours, that same visitor has been here at least a dozen times, and this has been going on for at least a year!

Now, why is that?  Can anyone answer?  I have a theory, but will probably never know the truth!  My theory is that it's a 'bot', set out to leave spammy comments, but can't because I have word verification and comment modification.  (Sorry y'all, but I've tried one or the other, but it takes both of them to keep the crappy {sorry} comments off my blogs.)   That's got to be it, because no one in their right mind needs to look at one recipe multiple times per day!  Even an amateur baker should have the recipe memorized by now!

So, I have two requests:
  1. If you are that person, please let me know!  I'd love to ask you if you've made the cake, and if so, how you like it, or . . .
  2. Do any of you out there have any other ideas or theories that you'd like to share?  I'd love to hear your takes on this strange visitor!
Seriously, inquiring minds NEED to know!   Blessings friends, and Be Joyful Always!  Becky


Cathy said...

Good morning, Becky! and ... Happy March!!! Spring is coming soon :)
I think I just learned something "wonderful" from you!! Are you saying that if I turn on the word verification along with the comment moderation they can't leave the spam? I've had to go to comment moderation too a long time ago. But I still have to manually delete the spam (it never gets posted) But ... it would be soooo wonderful to NEVER see it! Just this morning, I finally had to change over to comment moderation on our stitcher's group blog too, because the spam has hit there :(
I'm going to try this out ~ thanks for the tip!!
Have a wonderful "spamfree" day!!! lol!! :)

Bev C said...

Hello Becky,

I have just found your blog, I typed in "brother country machine embroidery threads" and I got your blog. I am pleased to find you and I wish to join in your Joy Postings. I will do one on Friday. I already do a Happy Monday posting and love doing that. Sorry can't answer why your visitor always turns up on that page,maybe they are just very very hungry!!!

Happy days.

K-Sue said...

That's really funny - both funny ha-ha and funny weird. I think you probably nailed it with the spam theory, but I'm curious, too.

Farm Girl said...

Hi Becky - I found my way here thru Bevs Kainga Happenings blog. Your blog is lovely!
I wonder if your visitor has saved that particular post as their home page and every time they open internet explorer(or whatever browser) it registers on your feedjit page. Just a thought??
Before I started blogging I saved one of my fave blogs as my home page so I would always see when I opened the browser if they had posted anything new. Though that theory doesn't work for you, as they are always going to the same post?! Anyway just an idea - have a wonderful day, Nicky in NZ.