Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rites of Spring - A Tale of Two Seasons!

Once upon a time there was a little old woman who lived in a small yellow cottage surrounded by all of her favorite flowers. There were camellias, hydrangeas, roses, lilacs, phlox, lilies, iris, foxgloves and many more. There were also birds - chickadees, goldfinches, cardinals, bluebirds and in the warmer months, hummingbirds.

This little old woman was in reality a fairy godmother, and she spent many hours making magic and weaving spells throughout the cottage. There were spells for gardening and crafting and cooking, spells for cleaning and yes, even for laundry.

Each spring the little old woman makes her way up the rickety steps (hidden from all but her) to the dark, dusty recesses of the cottage's attics. Once there, she finds the bags of spring and summer clothing that were cast there by the old woman's evil twin - Cold Weather.

The old woman throws the bags down onto the floor below and once she safely makes her way back down the steps, she begins to pull her old friends from the bags, remembering the good times she had in her favorite capri's, seersucker shirts, tank tops and shorts. Oh, and let us not forget her favorites - the cool summer nighties! Long cotton nightgowns and comfy seersucker pajamas!

Pastels! Pinks, blues, peaches, pale greens, yellows and even whites!

So the old woman lovingly sorts her old friends and washes them on the gentle cycle to wake them from their long winter's nap, and help them become refreshed and renewed!

And as the warm weather clothes are reborn, the little old woman visits her closet and starts pulling out all of the ugly, dark, heavy clothing of winter, and places them in the very same bags! Goodbye corduroy, fleece, heavy chenille sweaters! Good bye flannel pajamas and turtlenecks and ultrasuede!

As she packs in the clothes of cold weather, the little old woman sweetly calls to her evil twin, enticing her from the cold cellar where she lives, and with one blown kiss - WHOOSH!!! - banishes her to the attic along with the heavy, dark clothes - where they will remain until October!

Immediately the sun comes out, the skies clear and the birds sing. The tender shoots of green from the little old lady's cherished flowers begin to push through the ground, bringing hope for color and sweet scents wafting throughout the cottage and it's gardens.

And the little old woman is . . . . . . . . .


The End!

Please note, this story was written by me, and should not be copied, printed, reproduced or published without specific permission given by the writer - ME! Thank you!


LissyLou said...

so lovely!!

Ladybug in TN said...

I can see the wide eyes of my Kindergartens listening to this story and looking at the "pictures" in the "book." What a beautiful story and the pictures came readily to my mind. It made me happy.

Thank you for listening to God's voice because this little story brought peace to my soul about two am this morning so I could sleep.