Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A New Friend!

I have a new friend! Of course it's a fine, feathered friend, and I've been so glad to make her* acquaintance!

(* I am calling my friend a her although I really don't know the gender of my new friend!)

About two or three weeks ago, as I was sitting here at my computer I heard a strange noise outside my window. I looked up, and there was a squirrel trying to get to one of the feeders, and a strange bird refusing it access! Way to go, birdie! After the offensive squirrel left, Birdie (as I have affectionately named her) spent quite a while eating from the suet cake I have attached to the deck.

I hadn't seen a bird like that on my feeders before, so I grabbed my favorite birding book (Birds of Georgia by Stan Tekiela) and started looking. The closest thing I could find was a Northern Mockingbird, but they aren't known for visiting feeders. But I soon knew she was a mockingbird, for after she finished eating, she sat up on a limb and showed her appreciation by singing a lovely concert. She sang happily and at her finest!

I can't say I see her every day, but I don't spend every minute of every day sitting at my computer where I can look out the window, although some days it seems like it! But most days I do catch glimpses of her on the suet feeder or in the poplar tree just beside the deck.

Last Friday, after I got home from my estate sale and visit to Bessie Mae's, I made a sandwich for my lunch, and took lunch, my laptop and my camera out onto the deck to enjoy the sunshine. I ate my sandwich and started loading the day's pictures, but soon I was visited by Birdie, and she wasn't happy that I was so close to her chosen food source! After all, about three feet IS a little too close for comfort.

But she stayed in the tree nearby for a long, long visit, and I talked to her softly, and tried to convince her she could feed there any time, as long as she kept those thieving squirrels off the feeders! I think we made deal that day, because I'm seeing much less of the rodents, and much more of Birdie!

So that brings me to my question of the day. Do you talk to your feathered friends? Do you talk to your four-legged furbabies? Do you sing to your houseplants? Just curious to know if I'm the only crazy lady who talks to her dogs, the birds, and sings to the hummers!

Happy Wednesday! Becky


Linda said...

It is so nice to get the birds back. Singing its Spring. Just a note to say that I have posted 50th and a giveaway. Good Luck Linda

Anonymous said...

Yes, I talk to them all and Nalley says I name every living thing! Birdie is lovely and I know you enjoy her company. Don't you love these early spring days when you can lunch outside?

Ladybug in TN said...

Beware! Mockingbirds will flog you if you go close to their nest. At least I had one who lived in a large shrub at the corner of my house. It never liked it when I went out using the sidewalk by that shrub or even mowed close to it. It would dive and try to flog me. That is no fun. I knew it was a mockingbird when I saw the picture. They are very prominent here.