Friday, March 20, 2009

Floral Friday - More Pink Flowers, and Living Flowers!

Happy Friday, Friends! I am so excited that spring officially starts today! The rebirth, the new beginnings, the warmer temps and of course, the promise of green shoots bursting forth from the ground! If it wasn't for the over-powering presence of pollen, it would be THE perfect season, but of course, the pollen is just another indication of life, blooming, growing, so I guess I'll deal with it again this year as I have for the past 50+ years! The pollens that bother me the most are the trees - oak, pine, etc.; and they are also the pollens that make our cars - no matter what the color of the paint job - yellow for a few weeks in spring!

Today's 'Floral Friday' pictures were taken in my yard on August 4, 2008 - the same day as the pictures from Wordless Wednesday earlier this week. It was one of those magical days when the butterflies and hummingbirds cooperated with my need to take pictures!

First up are a couple of pictures of the hardy hibiscus. I have several of these plants, and was so lucky to get a couple of the pink with burgundy centers seen here, as well as one of the solid deep burgundy. Maybe this year I'll get some pictures of those.

Note the green butterfly inside the bottom hibiscus in the second picture. I just love these beautiful flowers - and they are one of largest bloomers in my garden. In years past I've had dinner-plate sized blooms, but I think the drought of the past few years has caused the blooms to be smaller than usual. These, however are probably 8 inches or more across!

And this bright pink zinnia, being visited by a tiny bee!

And of course there are the living flowers in my garden! I have a hummingbird feeder that attaches to a window in my breakfast room with suction cups. It holds on very well, and the biggest problem with it is ants! But I have my ways of getting rid of them, lol! Anyway, the day I took these pictures, I sat my camera on the window ledge inside, just an inch or two from where the hummer was perched. I go visit them a lot, so they get used to me. They don't like sudden movements, but as long as I'm calm they will sit there and let me watch them with no problems.

Please excuse the quality of these photos - I think they are pretty good considering they are being taken through a double paned window!

I have another, larger feeder hanging at the outer edge of my front porch, and one hummer sits in the oak tree a few feet away and 'protects' that feeder from the other hummers that try to come and feed. When she is sitting in the tree, I'll go stand right beside the feeder and talk and sing to her. She will come and feed (with the feeder just inches from my head) and hover in font of my face, just fussing at me! And I'll fuss right back, telling her if it wasn't for me she wouldn't have that wonderful sugar water to enjoy, so she should best be nice to me! As you can probably tell, I'm right partial to the hummers! I enjoy all the birds that visit my feeders, but the hummers are special!

I hope you've enjoyed your visit to my garden today! Before long (as soon as the danger of frost has passed) the team of Camellia Cottage gardeners (hubby and myself) will be out raking the leaves off the young plants and looking to see which of our babies survived another year. As things progress, I hope to share more pictures with you, so stay tuned!

Wishing you a wonderful first day of Spring! Becky


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All my favorite flowers and what cute hummingbird pictures. We have a feeder at the kitchen window and occasionally can get a photo of the tiny little miracles! Enjoy your weekend.