Sunday, October 19, 2008

What a Glorious Day!!!

Just wanted to tell you about our day today. We got up early, and left the house about 7:30 AM. It was hubby's last day of vacation before he goes back to work tomorrow, and he wanted to go riding. We stopped at a coffee/doughnut place for breakfast, then got onto Hwy 365/23/441, etc. north of Gainesville, GA and drove to Franklin, NC where we took the bypass and on to Cherokee, NC. Just outside of Cherokee is the Blue Ridge Parkway, so we headed east/north on the parkway towards Asheville.

It was so beautiful! Not a cloud in the sky and the sun was shining and the leaves were incredible! We probably only drove 40-50 miles on the parkway before heading south on 215, then west on 64 to Cashiers, Highlands, (both in NC) and back down to Dillard, GA where we splurged on a late lunch/early dinner at the famous Dillard House.

And wow, how good was that food! It's family style, which means you get what's on the menu, and lots of it, in small bowls and platters that are brought to your table. Today there was slaw, waldorf salad, tomato/cucumber salad, red pepper relish, applesauce, fried chicken, smoked chicken, salisbury steak, country ham, rice, gravy, cornbread dressing, sweet potato souffle, creamed cauliflower, beets, lima beans, green beans, fried okra, cabbage casserole, biscuits, cornbread and I'm sure there was more I just can't remember. And then to top it off, strawberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream for dessert. YUMMMM!

Then we were so full we just rolled all the way home, moaning as we went, lol! And even after we ate all we could hold, there are 2 styrofoam plates of leftovers in the fridge right now.

I'm just going to leave you with a few pics of our day, I hope you enjoy them! Have a great, happy, blessed week everyone! Becky

<<<<< Colors of Fall!

One of our stops along the way >>>

<< Just a weed, but the frost was still on it, and it was so pretty!

Fall colors in their purest form!>>>>>

<< Lickstone Ridge Tunnel - one of many on the parkway.

The sign at the overlook for the Qualla Indian Reservation >>>>>
Hubby and myself beside a very large, very old tree that apparently had gotten hit by lightning in years
past. >>>>>
In the picture above, if you look where my left hand is, and drop down almost to the ground, this big acorn had fallen and wedged itself into the
crevices in the tree's roots. I see a mighty oak in this acorn's future! >>
Normally there would be more pics here, including some of Dillard House, but I'm afraid to say my camera's battery died and I didn't have the backup with me. That's the way it goes, you know!