Monday, March 1, 2010

Deal of the Day!!!

Happy Monday!  Today I ran some errands, the main one being a trip to our local BJ's Wholesale Club to stock up on some things.  I hate running out of things like detergent (dish or laundry), fabric softener, TP (H*A*T*E running out of that!) and I like to go two to three times a year and buy up a bunch so that I:
  1. Don't run out, and
  2. Don't have to 'run out' every little while and get the more expensive smaller containers.  It's just not worth it!
So today I ran to BJ's and just stacked up one of their 'flat' carts as high as I could.  I had a list, and I had coupons, and I was ready.  One thing I wasn't ready for was the 'Deal of the Day'!

Let me go back a ways, well, a few years actually!  We used to have a really cool electric 'contact' grill that I used a LOT!  I loved it, but I sent the manufacturer a letter telling them what I would like to see in the 'next' model.  That included removeable plates so you could grill on it, or use it like a griddle.  Anyway, even though it was well used, when we moved to our current home about 6 1/2 years ago I brought the grill along.  Sadly, some of the more important parts didn't make the trip, or got lost along the way.  I've wanted another one, but just never made it a priority.  But recently I'd told hubby that I wanted to get a new contact grill if I could find a good price on one  (I was thinking a $35-40 model).

So today I was be-bopping along in BJ's and I glanced over to one side and I saw this . . .

It's a Cuisinart Gourmet Griddler (GRID 8SA), and it was regular price $89.90 and on sale for $69.90.  I called hubby and asked what he thought and he said "Go for it!".  So I did.  And when I got home I looked it up on the internet to see what 'suggested retail price' was, and I was shocked (and so happy!).  I found the BJ's website where they had it regular price for $99.99, several places that had it listed for $129.95 and then the Crate and Barrell, who had it on sale for $99.95 but regular (suggested retail) price was - get this - $185.00!!!  Can you believe it???  I mean that is one wide range of prices for the exact same product, but any way  you look at it, I got a deal!

And I love it!  It grills or makes panini (grilled) sandwiches on the 'grill' plates, which remove, and you can replace with the griddle plates.  The top also folds back so you can use it open and flat like a regular griddle.  A cool thing is it's small and portable enough that we can throw it in the camper and take it with us when we go camping.

I used it tonight for panini's.  Hubby had 5 grain Italian bread, black forest ham and American cheese.  I had Italian sandwich bread drizzled with olive oil, black forest ham, provolone and mozzerella cheese.  It was so good!  I can really tell we'll be using this a lot, and the fact I got a great deal on it just makes everything taste a bit sweeter!

So, what really good deal have you found lately???   Have a great week, Blessings, Becky

PS - Update on the green bags.  This afternoon I found a pound box of fresh strawberries in the back of the fridge that I had thrown in one of the bags and hidden from  hubby, and obviously myself too!  I didn't 'not want' him to eat them, I just didn't want him to eat them all at one time, standing in the door of the refrigerator, throwing the stems at the trash can and missing.  Yeah, he does that!   Anyway, they had been in there at least two weeks, and I just ate a big bowl of them and they were just wonderful!  Who knew?  Strawberries keeping in the fridge for 2 weeks with only a minimum amount of spoiling.  I love it!  B.

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K-Sue said...

Now I am hungry. I want a panin for breakfast. With strawberries.

Isn't it great to find a bargain?