Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Snowy South

So, let me say first that I 'KNOW' this isn't a lot of snow to some of you, especially my friend Jane who has been snowed in for weeks now in her mountain house in NC.  (Hey Mountain Woman!)  But . . . here in Georgia we don't get one this pretty very often, so when we do, I try to enjoy all the beauty!

The snow started about 1:15 - 1:30 yesterday (Friday) and snowed for about 8-9 hours straight.  We ended up with 3 1/2 - 4" and it's one of the prettiest snows I can remember.   It's light and fluffy and just gorgeous.  Enjoy the slide show.

Last night traffic in Atlanta was just gridlocked!  The roads were slushy and freezing fast.  I'm so glad hubby doesn't:  1) work in Atlanta, and 2) have to take any interstates to get home!  As it was, it took him about 1/3 more time than usual to get home.

Temps got down into the mid 20's last night, so anything that was on the roads froze solid.  The state had DOT workers out all night trying to keep the roads salted and graveled, but it was just too much.  Today all the roads in the area are just solid ice!  They are telling everyone to just stay HOME!  Hubby had planned on going to work today but that was a no go.  I had planned on attending my first ever meeting of the local Farmgirls chapter, but that is a no go as well.  Guess we won't be going out for Japanese for Valentines tonight, either!  Maybe we can do that next week.

This is our third 'decent' snow this season, and usually we are lucky if we get one!  And now they are saying Monday we may have another one!  Don't you just love El Nino!!!

So, since weare literally snowed in, I'm gonna be playing with paper today.  What are you doing??? Becky


Anonymous said...

I loved your slide show Becky! It has been so pretty and earlier today the sky was so blue. Hope you are warm & cozy and I love all your beautiful cards you have created.

Marydon Ford said...

G'day, Becky ~ Love your pictures ... stay warm & snuggly! We look forward to any storm you will wish my way, I'm loving it!

Happy Valentine's
Have a loving weekend.
Hugs, Marydon

K-Sue said...

I love snowed-in days in Georgia - you know it won't last long, everyone is off work, there is a snowman in every yard...good days.
I look forward to seeing your paper goodies.

bennie and patsy said...

Happy Valentine's Day

Fay said...

It strted snowing again here about 4:00 and snowed for about two or more hours. It is just about all gone today. A few miles north of us they got much more snow. This is the first time kids down here have ever seen snow so the paper was full of pictures of them in the snow. It was pretty to look at but after being snowed in for three days in Atlanta with no heat, it doesn't thrill me. Even the adults at the hospital were running to the windows and running outside to take pictures. Of course they closed everything down. I bet the people in the northern states were just laughing at us with just this little bit of snow.

Faye said...

I loved the slide show Beckey..We got about 3 inches..I said only God could make something this beautiful..Hope you are having a great day! Blessings, Faye

Dreaming In Pink With Roses said...

Beautiful B!!! I'm with Marydon! I Love all this snow!!

Have you heard from Jane today? Has she been able to come down off the mountain yet?

Stay Warm & Cozy!!

Happy Valentines Day To You & Hubby!!

Love & Hugs ~ T

Ladybug in TN said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Becky...So glad you found your way over to my daughter's blog (BellaDella) for the great giveaway she is having. Is't the jewelry just beautiful. I do not have a blog, but hope to soon. I love your blog and have been visiting some of your older blogs and boy do some of the family post hit close to home. I know you are enjoying the snow as you guys don't usually get a lot. I am going to say this quietly, as I don't want to be bombarded with snowballs, but I just love snow and I can't emphasize the word LOVE enough. Thanks for sharing your pictures also...more snow to look at :>). Your cards are beautiful. I hope you had a nice Valentine's day.

Will be back to visit,
Janice (

LeAnna said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures! Love the one of your pup Bailey looking a bit forlorn about the state of the snowy yard! Too cute! We've had tons of snow here, too. I keep telling myself it should make for a nice green spring and hopefully cut back on summer droughts!