Friday, February 5, 2010

A New Friend Of The Feathered Kind!

I have a new visitor to my back deck/bird feeding station.  He/she isn't eating from the feeders, either safflower or suet, but is eating off the table or floor where I put seed for the ground feeders.  I've named him/her Spot because of the pretty spots all over it's chest.  Hubby and I first noticed Spot this past Sunday when we were sitting at the computer looking for somewhere to spend our spring vacation. (Grayton Beach St. Park, FL - fyi!)   I had never seen this bird out there before, and couldn't figure out what 'it' was.  Finally, a couple of days later I found Spot in my book.

Pic courtesy All About Birds

He's a wood thrush.  Smaller and with a shorter tail than it's cousin the brown thrush (our GA bird, btw), and usually not found in this part of the world until mid to late March!  His primary diet is insects and fruit - not seeds.  He hops around my deck all the time, and appears hungry.  The only seed I have right now is safflower and thistle, and there aren't many insects around right now.  So I cut an apple in half, then cut 1/2 in thirds and put the pieces on the deck.  He never once looked at them, but the squirrels apparently LOVE apples - who knew!

Pic courtesy Nature Sound

But he eats a few of the safflower seeds, and is an almost constant visitor to the deck.  He sits on the rails, looking out toward the woods out back.  He has a beautiful song, which I hear from time to time, but he just seems lonely.

Pic courtesy Wikipedia

So, what is he doing here a full 6 weeks before he is due, and why is he alone?  I wish I could ask him (or her) and find out where he's been this winter, if he has been in the area and just found my deck by accident, or if he just decided to head back to GA on his own.  Or did he lose his mate last summer and couldn't bear leaving the area alone.  Inquiring minds want to know, you know! 

Have a great weekend friends!  Becky


K-Sue said...

He's a pretty bird. If I have ever seen one, I have not seen it up close enough to see those spots.

English Cottage in Georgia said...

LOL!!! AS if I did not have enough to worry about, you have me anxiously wondering just as you, "why is Spot alone...where is his family, etc" :-)