Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nature in All It's Joyful Glory!!!

I hope everyone has had a nice weekend, as I have. This afternoon hubby decided he wanted to ride up to Cooper's Creek and ride some of the back roads through there. It's not that far from here, about 1 1/2 - 2 hours, but not as far as it sounds, because it's mostly all 2 lane, tight curvy mountainous up and down roads just to get there. Add to that that it was a peak weekend for leaf watchers and traffic was pretty heavy both going and coming.

We got out and walked some, at two of our favorite paths, collecting pine cones for the fireplace and pictures to share with you. One road is an old Forestry Service fire road, but it takes you to grassy knoll surrounded by hills covered with blazing red, yellow and gold trees. Oh, and some of the lovely conifers mixed in for contrast!

I just wanted to share a few pictures with you. Enjoy!

Our first stop along the way was down by the creek. It's one of my favorite places because it's surrounded by tall old trees, mostly conifers (pines, spruces, etc.) and is cool and damp, even in hottest summer. The picture just above this paragraph reminded me of me! The stream was moving fairly swiftly, in fact little whirlpools were going right beside this little spot packed full of dead leaves and pine needles. It was just like me - I sit here in my room and let life pass me by, the 'things' and 'stuff' of this world keeping me bogged down and leaving me unable or unwilling to break away from them.

How amazing is this! An old log, felled ages ago, became home for soft green moss and made room for a new generation of it's own kind. Love it!

This was amazing - this fern was almost hidden by limbs and fallen leaves. I guess they turn white like this as they are bitten by frost and lose their leaves for the season, but I'm not sure. This one was almost pure white, and so pretty.

This photo was another reminder for me. Look up!!! I was so carried away by the things at my level and on the forest floor that it seemed dark and dank, but when I looked up, I saw the blue sky way above the towering trees, and it was comforting for me. I need to look UP more often, and in more ways than just looking to the sky!

Have a great week everyone, and don't forget to look 'UP' once in a while! Blessings, Becky


Anonymous said...

Beautiful colours on the trees.
Lovely walk you had!
Pat x

Ladybug in TN said...

I enjoyed your meditation and pictues. I was out Tues. Thurs,. Fri. Sat. and Sunday myself. This has been a wonderful few weeks of fall. I am amazed at the leaves falling off the trees over night last night. The wind must have blown but we had a heavy frost too. I am in the process of posting pictures.


Anonymous said...

Love your pictures and thank you for sharing your thoughts. I took a walk through nature myself, but only through my back yard. I saw all the pretty leaves and they were falling like rain. It made me think of how it's kind of like Nature's parade. We see the leaves turning colors and that's like watching the band warming up at the starting line. Then they fall, ever so softly, almost preening as they go down, like watching the band march by. It was so quiet you could hear the small POOF with each leaf's landing. It all reminds me of a quote (can't remember who said it though) "I go to Nature to be healed and soothed. It's where I go to be closer to God." Thanks for sharing your trip, it looked like a wonderful place to "be healed and soothed, and closer to God." -Tish

Lovella said...

Oh I loved seeing your autumn trees and scenery too ...we almost could live in the same place. I always find that so fascinating.
Oh .. and we both are the gardeners too .. .I was being silly.