Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winners . . . and Word of the Week!

Before we get to the Word of the Week, I wanted to announce the winners of my "Little Gifts" giveaway!  There were only two entries - Val @ Life's Little Garden entered here on the blog, and I'm so excited to send the goodies pictured in the last post to Val!  We have been blogging friends for probably close to 2 years, and though we only live a couple of hours (or less) apart, have yet to meet, so I really hope she enjoys her goodies!  And my friend Sue, who entered on Facebook.  Sue and I have known each other for probably 6 months or so, and she's coming to my house for a gathering in a few weeks, so I'll save her goodies (similar to the ones in the picture) until I see her here.  Congratulations, Ladies!!!

And now, for my word of the week for January 9 - 15, 2011 . . .

With this word I'm trying to motivate myself into action!  I have a couple of friends, Sue (above) and Phyllis  for coffee, crafts and another little project that I hope to share more with about soon!  We are very excited about the possibilities; and that's all I'll say right now!  Anyway, I've got to get my house in order, cleaned, polished and shined - at least on the inside - before they come, so my word for this week, and maybe next week is determined.

If you would like to join me by choosing your own word, posting it on your blog, along with the button (right hand sidebar), please link up here, and thank you!

Be Joyful, Friends!!!


Shelley said...

Sorry I missed your give away...congrats to your winners!
Blessings on this Lord's day...Shelley


Hi Becky,
I can't believe that I also missed your giveaway! Congrat's to the winners. Your tags are so sweet!
Love your word for this week!
You Go Girl!
deb :)

Val said...

Oh I am so excited and I so want to meet you too one day. That would be so much fun. Thank you so much for the give away!!!

Janean said...

gratitude and determination....wonderful qualities to nurture!

Anonymous said...

I need to be more determined! That's a great word!