Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Christmas Mystery

A few days before Christmas, I think it was Wednesday evening, hubby and I were standing near the Christmas tree talking about something or other . . . who knows what it was . . . anyway, my attention strayed a bit . . . to the tree itself.  There, hanging right in front where anyone could see it, was a red tassel.  Now, the odd part was not the tassel itself, but . . .

  1. I had never ever seen this tassel before in my life;
  2. The tassel was in rough shape, literally coming apart; and 
  3. Just the day before that tassel had NOT been on the tree!  Period!
I asked hubby if he put there and he said no, not unless it had been in the few decorations he had helped put on the tree a couple of weeks before.  Then I explained to him how the tassel had not been there just a day or two before. It was a mystery!

And I know this wasn't on the tree before because just the day before I had been taking pictures of some of my favorite ornaments and had taken a picture of the ornament right next to where the tassel was hanging, and that tassel was not there!  Sadly, I had not like any of the pictures I had taken of the ornaments and deleted all of them to save space on my old PC, so I don't have those pics, but the mystery remains!

And another thing . . . since the day I had taken the earlier pictures, I had not been away from home!  I had walked up to the mailbox, but it is right in front of our house, in full view of the front door, so there was no way anyone had been into the house without me knowing it!

A day or two later I went to pick up my Mama to bring her here for Christmas and on the way took her by to visit her sister for a little while.  I dropped her off, ran to the grocery store to pick up a couple of last minute things, and then returned and spent some time with Mama and my aunt.  I told them both about the tassel.   We laughed about it a bit, and my aunt said, "You know, Becky, it could be a gift from your Daddy".  And I laughed and said "Yes, it could be, and it kind of makes sense, because he always had a crazy sense of humor, and only HE would leave me a gift of a defective tassel!"

So, all through Christmas I would go by the tree and finger the tassel and wonder how it got there.  But I left it there!  And it will now become a permanent fixture on our Christmas tree as a reminder that there are still some things that are unexplainable, and to remind me that some gifts aren't perfect, but they are still lovable, just like me!

Have you ever had a Christmas Mystery?  Tell us all about it!  Be Joyful, Becky


Anonymous said...

Hi Becky! Wow, what a mystery indeed! I have enjoyed catching up on some of your posts today. I've never been to Dante's but it was always a favorite of my brother. May God bless you all in the new year.

Anonymous said...

well that is a little odd but in a good way. I would definitely treasure it no matter how it got there. Happy New Year!